Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ben's Box

Going through some old slides I came across some of painting I have'nt seen in years. They are mostly in private collections now. I felt like I was seeing old friends! Over the next couple of days I hope to post a few as I copy them on to the computer.
This is a good example of how I've changed over the years as a trompe l'oiel painter. Now I would not paint the box on the shelf with a background, because this kills the illusion trompe painters are after. The more effective way is to present the box and bill only, no shelf, no background. This would help add to the illusion of reality. I've become a real purist over the years when it comes to trompe l'oiel, the illusion is everything. Please check out my web site there are some good exmples of what I'm talking about.

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